Tim Freund

Director of Medical Operations | Firearms & Tactics Instructor

Tim began teaching First Aid and CPR in 1992 instructing classes for the community through the American Red Cross in Columbus, Ohio. That led Tim to a career in EMS which started in 1996 and he became a paramedic in 1999 and started teaching classes to other healthcare professionals in 2001.

Tim to this day continues to provide instruction and education to a broad spectrum of individuals from the lay public to law enforcement to EMS professionals to nurses to international military personnel and physicians to this day.

Professionally, Tim have worked across the healthcare spectrum from pre-hospital to in hospital to between hospital settings. As an EMT and Paramedic, Tim has worked in rural, sub-urban, urban and austere environments. He has worked on inpatient units at a Level 1 Trauma Center and in the Emergency Department at a Pediatric Level 1 Trauma Center. Tim has over twelve years as a flight paramedic on a civilian medical helicopter treating and transporting critically ill and injured patients from the scene of an incident or from an outlying hospital.

Tim has held instructor certifications with the American Heart Association, the American College of Surgeons through the National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians (NAEMT), the American College of Emergency Physicians, the National Disaster Medical System and the American Burn Association.

Tim has been recognized as a Special Topics Instructor by the State of Ohio Division of EMS and the State of Arizona Police Officer Standard Training (AZPOST) Board. Besides formal instructor certifications, he has served as a mentor and preceptor to new EMTs, paramedics, air medical flight crews and tactical paramedics. Tim has served as conference faculty and presenter at local, state and international conferences on a wide variety of topics. He continues to serve as committee member and on advisory boards for numerous local, state and national organizations.

Currently, Tim works as a pre-hospital coordinator in the Emergency Department of a Level III Trauma Center. While serving as a liaison between ground and air medical agencies and the hospital, he developed a training calendar of continuing education for EMS and provided an online delivery platform. Additionally for the hospital, he is the facility liaison for Emergency Management and provide formal instruction and micro-training for the Incident Command Team and other Emergency Management resource teams.

Tim also developed a robust medical program with a local police department with over 100 sworn police officers. Starting almost ten years ago by providing medical consultation and support with the SWAT team, now every police officer is trained in CPR, appropriate use of AED, life- saving first aid skills, management of suspected opioid overdose and prevention of hypothermia. Officers have access to a wide array of life-saving equipment including AEDs, tourniquets, hemostatic gauze, chest seals and Narcan.

With almost twenty-five years of broad field experience and teaching in a variety of environments, Tim understands adult learning styles and the importance of realistic training environments for skills retention and performance in emergency situations.


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