Guardian Lowlight Pistol Course

LEVEL: Intermediate/Advanced

3PM – 7PM
C2 Tactical
7000 E. Mayo Blvd #1050
Phoenix, AZ

PREREQUISITE: Must know basic firearms safety & firearms handling – this is an intermediate course NOT a beginners course. You must know how to load, unload, reload, and shoot proficiently in the light prior to attending this event.

This event will be hosted at C2 Tactical in Phoenix/Scottsdale and will be a hybrid course! Upon registration, each student will receive a video and PowerPoint handout on the following performance objectives:

  • Understand the reasons for low-light training
  • Be able to identify and define the various lighting conditions
  • Understand the 5 primary flashlight applications
  • Understand the concept of light as a force option
  • Understand the 5 key principles of low-light tactics
  • Be able to apply the 4 handheld flashlight techniques (Neck index Technique, FBI Technique, Harries Technique, & SureFire/Rodgers Technique)
  • Develop decision-making ability in low-light conditions and under stress
  • Weapon Mounted Lights
  • Flashlight technology & tech talk – candela, lumens, candlepower, brands (SureFire, Streamlight, Cloud Defensive, ModLite, etc)

This video & PowerPoint handout will be referenced by the student PRIOR to the course to maximize range time.

The day of training will cover the practical application of the video & PowerPoint:

  • Application of lowlight tactics and tools
  • Lowlight handheld flashlight techniques
  • Weapon mounted light techniques
  • Shooting & lighting around barricades/cover/concealment
  • Judgmental use of force scenarios – live fire


  • 200 rounds minimum (no steel core ammunition: Wolf, Red Army, etc) – more the ammo the merrier
  • Reliable pistol with 3 mags Holster & mag carriers
    Quality handheld flashlight (SureFire, Streamlight, Cloud Defensive, ModLite, etc) – REQUIRED
  • Weapon Mounted Light NOT required Reliable and safe holster Note-taking material
    Open mind!

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