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Family Training

Just took the low light class with Guardian with my 21 year old daughter and 24 year old nephew. It was very insightful and challenging. The materials provided before the class were top notch and allowed us to pre-read and watch videos ahead of time so class could focus on review and execution. This resulted in the maximum amount of actual execution time,. The pre-course materials also gave us valuable information we can refer back to after the class. I think what amazed all of us the most was Karen and Josh’s ability to meet each student where they were at while not bringing the whole class to the lowest common denominator, Their attention to safety during the whole course ensured everyone was safe, felt safe and were able to focus on learning. I would recommend this class to anyone looking to advance their skills to include low-light conditions which as we learned are the most likely to encounter an incident.

Attorney & BJJ Black Belt

What sets GTC apart is the diverse array of courses offered and, more importantly, the caliber of instruction provided by Josh, the owner. His commitment to continuous improvement is evident through his relentless pursuit of real-world experience and ongoing personal development. As a testament to his philosophy, he lives by the maxim, “Always a student, sometimes a teacher,” a principle that permeates every aspect of the training sessions.


One hallmark of GTC’s curriculum is its comprehensive coverage of use-of-force legalities. Josh ensures that participants are well-versed in the legal frameworks governing firearm deployment, fostering a deep understanding of the responsibilities associated with firearm ownership. Furthermore, his emphasis on data-driven principles adds more sophistication to the training, providing students with a well-rounded and evidence-based approach to firearms education.
Regardless of one’s initial skill level, the transformative impact of GTC’s training is unmistakable. From firearms handling to manipulations and marksmanship, participants leave each session more knowledgeable and capable. Josh’s instructional prowess, coupled with a commitment to individualized learning, ensures that every student, regardless of their starting point, experiences substantial growth in their firearm proficiency.

USCCA Instructor Course

I’ve been a firearms instructor for years with the FBI and privately in other states. Without a doubt the training I received from Josh and Karen was the best. They teach you how to instruct. Simply brilliant. A big thank you to both Karen and Josh. Awesome.

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