Guardian Shooting at the Speed of Efficiency – Pistol

LEVEL: Intermediate/Advanced

6 Students Only!

3PM – 7PM C2 Tactical
7000 E Mayo Blvd
Phoeinx, AZ

PREREQUISITE: Must know basic firearms safety & firearms handling – this is an intermediate course

  • Reliable pistol with 2 mags
  • 300 rounds, pistol, minimum Holster & mag carriers Reliable and safe holster

This advanced level course is designed to enable student(s) to work on efficiency of movement as it pertains to the holster draw, manipulation (reloads & malfunction clearances) as well as movement prior to shooting and finally shooting on the move. Cognitive processing drills will also be implemented in the final stages of this course.
Speed is fine… accuracy is final… You’ve all heard that… why can’t we have both? This class is for that!

From the New Science of Expertise) on how professional athletes train ranging from mental, cognitive, and physical abilities. Quantifiable results ranging from both time and accuracy.




noun: speed; plural noun: speeds

  1. the rate at which someone or something is able to move or operate.

“we turned onto the runway and began to gather speed

o rapidity of movement or action.

“the accident was due to excessive speed”

“they were bemused by the speed of events”


something that matches one’s tastes or inclinations.

“oak tables and chairs are more his speed”





adjective: efficient

  1. (especially of a system or machine) achieving maximum productivity with minimum wasted effort or expense.

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