Realtor Safety Seminar

LEVEL: Basic/Fundamental

Taught by former career law enforcement officers:

  • Karen Logan, CEO of Guardian Training & Consulting, active Realtor, and former Chicago Police Department and Air Marshal Service.
  • Josh Logan, Director of Training of Guardian Training & Consulting, and former USAF veteran, Minot Police Department and Chandler Police Department.

This seminar is intended to keep our community’s safe, and specifically one of the more vulnerable professions pertaining to victimization, the real estate professional.

Guardian provides this seminar to real estate professionals because they truly believe in helping their community by educating professionals and preventing crime by empowering individuals, you, to refuse to be a victim.

enough, or are you willing to take the challenge to explore new opportunities to keep yourself and your client safer every day?

Topics Included:

  • Criminal Mindset
  • Awareness
  • Mental Conditioning
  • Best and Safe Practices in Real Estate
  • Physical and Cyber Security
  • Self Defense Options
  • Properly Calling 911
  • Question and Answer Portion

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