Lee Moiseve

Firearms & Tactics Instructor Bearly Tactical San Diego, California

Lee has lived a life dubbed “been there, done that”. He has done everything from working in a candy store, as a lifeguard, in the concert/music industry, traveling the world, went to college, been in the military & law enforcement and even owned a gun store for 10 years.

Lee decided to take to teaching full-time in 2024, after years of coaxing by friends and family. Never taking himself too seriously; He is quoted as saying “a fun day of teaching or a hard day of training are just as great in my book.” He is constantly looking to improve himself by taking more training as a way to push his limits and broaden his horizon. He says that if you’ve learned just one thing in training, it was a success.

Though a lot of Lee’s interests revolve around firearms and training he very much enjoys spending time with his kids and being outdoors. A fun fact about Lee is he is obsessed with Vans and you will rarely catch him not in a pair.


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